Meet Our Shoreside Team

    Ed Grimm
    President & CEO
    Stephen Kelley
    Chief Financial Officer
    Kevin Conway
    V.P. Marketing & Sales
    Bobby Jones
    V.P. Human Resources
    Jamie Bigbie
    Director - Health, Safety, Security, Environmental, Quality & Training
    Sam Lewis
    Director of Engineering
    Capt. Pete Ciaramitaro
    Director of Operations
    Jason Kovarik
    Asst. Director of Engineering
    Ryan Brady
    Compliance Manager
    Sean Reilly
    Safety Manager
    Theresa Echols
    Scheduling Manager
    Jonathan Jones
    HR Director
    Jessica Snyder
    HR Manager
    Paula Fortier
    Benefits Manager
    Valerie Pierce
    Vessel Personnel Coordinator
    Brad Korando
    Paige Vilsek
    Accounts Payable Manager
    John Jebeles
    Staff Accountant
    Alisa Fowler
    Administrative Assistant
    Tommy McCoin
    Anhydrous Ammonia Product Superintendent
    Larry Walker
    UAN Cargo Master
    Michael Gore
    Manager of Training & Development
    Joshua Shaffer
    Tankerman Training Supervisor
    Randy King
    Purchasing & Warehouse Manager
    David Gallaher
    Port Engineer - Vessels
    Tony Mackey
    Port Engineer - Vessels
    Roy Victory
    Port Engineer - Vessels
    Lee Courville
    Port Engineer - Barges
    Randy Gilchrist
    Port Engineer - Barges
    Mitchell Meek
    Port Engineer - Barges
    Jimmy Lukaszeski
    Inventory & Warehouse Attendant
    Phillip Payton
    Vessel Compliance Manager
    Frank Hollomon
    Claims Manager