Meet Our Shoreside Team

    Ed Grimm
    President & CEO
    Stephen Kelley
    Chief Financial Officer
    Kevin Conway
    V.P. Marketing & Sales
    Bobby Jones
    V.P. Human Resources
    Jamie Bigbie
    Director - Health, Safety, Security, Environmental, Quality & Training
    Sam Lewis
    Director of Engineering
    Capt. Pete Ciaramitaro
    Director of Operations
    Ryan Brady
    Safety & Compliance Manager
    Theresa Echols
    Dispatch Manager
    Jonathan Jones
    Personnel Manager
    Paula Fortier
    Benefits Manager
    Brad Korando
    Paige Vilsek
    Accounts Payable Manager
    Michael Gore
    Manager of Training & Development
    John Jebeles
    Staff Accountant
    Alisa Fowler
    Administrative Assistant
    Kelli Ciaramitaro
    Accounting Clerk
    Tommy McCoin
    Anhydrous Ammonia Product Superintendent
    Larry Walker
    UAN Cargo Master
    Randy King
    Purchasing & Warehouse Manager
    David Gallaher
    Port Engineer - Vessels
    Tony Mackey
    Port Engineer - Vessels
    Roy Victory
    Port Engineer - Vessels
    Lee Courville
    Port Engineer - Barges
    Randy Gilchrist
    Port Engineer - Barges
    Mitchell Meek
    Port Engineer - Barges
    Jimmy Lukaszeski
    Inventory & Warehouse Attendant
    Phillip Payton
    Vessel Compliance Manager
    Frank Hollomon
    Claims Manager