Health, Safety, Security, Environmental, Quality & Training

Southern Towing Company is dedicated to promoting a culture which provides customers with a safe, efficient and reliable service.  As a core value, the health and wellness of our team, safe and secure operations throughout our fleet, and the protection of the environment are not just priorities, but a foundation upon which the Company operates.

Southern Towing Company is committed to the safety and health of all its employees.  Our goal is ZERO injuries and incidents. This goal is realistic and attainable when we are fully committed, at all levels, to make it happen.  Operating and working safely is good business. It is a benefit to employees, their families and the Company. Think Safe, Act Safe, Be Safe.

Southern Towing Company demonstrates its commitment to safety and quality service through audited compliance of its safety programs, and participating in the Coast Guard Towing Safety Advisory Committee, Chemical Transportation Advisory Committee, Lower Mississippi River Waterways Safety Advisory Committee, and National Fire Protection Association technical committees.

We have a Zero Tolerance Policy – No Alcohol or Illegal Drugs

Southern Towing Company is the recipient of multiple Ship Safety Achievement Citation of Merits

Southern Towing Company strives to preserve a clean and healthy environment at all times.  We recognize the importance of meeting our responsibility as a marine services company to operate in an environmentally sound manner while protecting the health and safety of our employees and public.

Southern Towing Company is bound by the following principles:

  • Our goal is ZERO spills and environmental releases
  • We operate in a manner that protects the environment
  • Safety, health and a clean environment are the top priorities of our operational plans
  • We are committed to reducing the level of all emissions into the environment
  • The ultimate responsibility for safety and the prevention of pollution is with senior management, who in turn must ensure that every STC employee is individually accountable for meeting the company’s environmental goals.

Southern Towing Company is an innovative marine company providing the highest quality service through dedicated, professional personnel utilizing modern and efficient equipment. This ensures long term reliability, environmental responsibility and value to our customers.

Southern Towing Company has created a clear, measurable approach to career development. Our goal is to develop our future talent from within the company for each division. Southern Towing Company’s Personnel Development Program offers a clear path system for each program from the ground up. Our Development Programs include: Inexperienced Deckhand Training, Regulated and Non-Regulated Tankerman (PIC) Programs, Chief Engineer Programs, Steersman and Wheelhouse Management Programs, and Shore-side Leadership Development Programs.

Southern Towing Company empowers our teams with the D.R.I.V.E. Talent Management Strategy :

  • D – Develop future talent from within the company
  • R – Reinforcement of teams by front-line management
  • I – Improve processes through continuous internal & external audits
  • V – Value open communication throughout all employee sectors
  • E – Empowerment through multi-disciplined teams
Member of the American Waterways Operators
Responsible Carrier Program

Certified Partner of The American Chemistry Council ®
Responsible Care® Commitment